K&F Fight COVID-19 With Customers

04 / 01 / 2020

K&F Fight COVID-19 With Customers
In this period, the COVID-19 virus raged around the world, and people around the world were devoted to fighting the virus.
K & F international is a professional agricultural machinery and agricultural solutions provider, and we care about our overseas customers.
In this battle, while actively organizing company employees to carry out epidemic prevention, we also contacted the mask manufacturers at the first time, which not only provided employees with safe job security, but also actively contacted our customers to provide assistance.
K & F international not only can provide farm tractor, micro tiller, UTV, sprayer, and farm tools, but also hopes to do our best to help our customers overcome this epidemic in extraordinary times. If you need protective equipment urgently, please contact us actively and we will try our best to provide help.

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